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Riding Clean Coast to Coast!

March 31, 2010

We were down at the port of Oakland yesterday picking up our first big shipment of Clean Bottles when we ran into Mel and Ben.  Mel and Ben are a husband & wife trucking team that drives a 18 wheeler around the country delivering goods.  They saw the bottles and started talking to us about them and they loved the idea.  Now they are outfitted with Clean Bottles for their travels.  I’m confident in saying we are the first bottle company to sponsor a big rig J

Thanks Mel and Ben and Drive Clean!

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The LA Times Rides Clean!

March 22, 2010

Check out this great review of Clean Bottle in the LA Times:,0,3691721.story

The author was doing a review of aero bottles but decided to include the Clean Bottle because it is so innovative and different.  Plus, he concludes that there is “No speed advantage, unless you count sick days off the bike due to drinking out of a moldy bottle.” 

Perhaps they should issue new Clean Bottles to everyone as a way to lower the cost of the new health care bill? J

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No Riding Dirty at the Bariani Road Race

March 20, 2010

The Clean Bottle team was out in force today at the Bariani road race in Sacramento.  Third Pillar Racing, which is sponsored by Clean Bottle, road well.  I rode the Cat 3 race and spent a good deal of time trying to chase down a breakaway, but the two guys who were off the front stayed away by about 10 seconds.  Next time! 

Of course the 6 foot tall Clean Bottle Purell Station made the trip to help everyone Ride Clean.  It got plenty of attention and use, thanks to the 20 minute porta pottie lines. 

Next stop, Sea Otter!

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More Merco shots

March 16, 2010