Stage 5 – Sisteron

Today I didn’t go to the finish, but instead went to the start where the team at VERSUS interviewed me about Clean Bottle.  I towed the bottle into town and met up with Robbie Ventura and the production crew.  Robbie took one look at my contraption and yells ‘screw the bottle, THIS is the story!’  He couldn’t believe that I biked up the mountains carrying the costume all the way up.

The interview went well – I’ll let you know when it airs.

Sisteron is a BEAUTIFUL town, by the way.  Definitely a place I’d visit again.  There are these rock faces that outline the town, here is a picture of them.


One Response to “Stage 5 – Sisteron”

  1. m koenig Says:

    just saw your interview…..found you online to buy some bottles. good luck on your adventure! i”m envious!!

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