Stage 10 – Col d Aubisque

The Col d Aubisque is one of the more famous climbs in cycling.  For this stage, they have it 60 kilometers before the finish, so it won’t be as decisive as in years past, but that didn’t stop the fans from coming out in droves.  Thursday’s stage, the Tourmalet, is nearby, so they have closed all roads going to the Aubisque and the Tourmalet since Sunday – two days ago.

The Aubisque is about a 11 mile climb.  Usually we can park a few miles down from the backside of a climb and that way we don’t have to climb the whole thing with our bottles in tow.  That wasn’t the case here.  Bummer.  I knew the Tourmalet was going to be tough, but I wasn’t expecting this stage to be this logistically challenging.

So Lei and I did what we had to do and climbed up the 11 miles.  My legs are still throbbing from it.  Most people didn’t want to bike that far, so there were some good spots to run and we ended up getting on TV 3 times!

Proof that I made it up

My arch rival the Yeti. The dude takes a car up the climbs. What a wussy!

Just as the last group passed it started to drizzle.  Bottle Boy does not like the rain so we packed up as quickly as possible and tried to out ride the rain.  11 miles of descending with these contraptions makes for a good adrenaline rush, and by the time we got to the bottom I was exhausted.  Our car was full of flies, the shower drain wasn’t working so we’d have a mini cess pool below us every time we showered, and it was damn hot.  So, I made the executive decision that we were going to grab a hotel room.  I just needed space and a decent shower.  And the next day was a rest day so we didn’t have to get going super early.

See my next blog post for the Hotel Report.  Its entitled “The Worst Hotel Ever”.  You think I liked it much?


2 Responses to “Stage 10 – Col d Aubisque”

  1. Paul Says:

    I reckon you’re a household name in the UK as well Dave, each time Phil saw you he’d get excited about it, so much so I had to come find you on the net. I hope you’re bunging him something for the advertising? You must be as well known as Dirk Hoffman motorhomes by now lol

  2. Shane Says:

    Hey Dave,

    It was great climbing up the upper part of this climb with you. We’re off to Spain by now enjoying the cycling about Girona. Thanks again for the bottles.


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