Tour de France Diaries Stage 11 – the Worst Hotel Ever

After the Aubisque the lack of a proper shower and bed for two weeks had just become too much for me.  So we decided to go to a hotel.  We drove down into the more major towns and found the Hotel Printania.  It looked okay from the outside, but I should have ignored the clear red flag when they advertised their two star rating as you can see in the photo.

That’s like saying “come to our hotel, we’re just so so”.  You actually see a bunch of hotels advertise that they are two stars.  The first time I saw it I cracked up.

Hotel "We're Just Okay!"

Well as it turns out, those two stars were awarded in 1995, which I believe is the last time they cleaned the place.  The shower was a bathtube with shower hose which wasn’t attached to anything.  It looked like it had a wall mount at one point, I’m guessing 1995, but it was cracked and busted up.  So you had to hold the shower hose with your hand, which makes it tough to soap up at the same time.

Plus there was no shower curtain.  And since you are holding the shower hose, the entire bathroom gets wet, turning the floor into one giant slip-n-slide in a matter of seconds.  Lovely.

Check out the peeling and decaying wallpaper as wel.  That was right next to the shower – not as if you needed any more reminder that the hotel sucked while you were taking your shower.

the lovely view from the shower. How can the hotel owner sleep at night?

The thing I needed most besides a good shower was an internet connection and a television.  Right outside of our window, as you can see here, was a satellite.  Despite this proximity, neither the internet or the television worked.

Apparently the satellite was an elaborate weather vane or something because we didn't have a working TV or internet in the room despite being 5 feet from it.

There was no real shower, or internet or television but there were a ton on flies.  If you’ve just eaten, don’t look at the picture below.  Right outside our balcony it was covered in flies, a moving, swarming mass of them.  It was truly disgusting.

These people are definitely not riding clean.

I went down to the front desk to complain, hoping to get a discount or something.  All I got was a response that “In France we take baths so we don’t need showers”  and “the TV used to work”.  When I showed the lady a photo of the flies she said “you have a nice balcony”.

She offered to just let us give her the key back, but this was really the only room in town, and I now understood why.

I miss America.


One Response to “Tour de France Diaries Stage 11 – the Worst Hotel Ever”

  1. sparky Says:

    have found in my travels in Europe that most hotels lack shower curtains and typical “shower” situations (I’ve seen the hose/sprayer before). We got it so sweet here in the States.
    a few seconds ago
    Oh and I’ve also found that many European countries haven’t quite gotten to window screens, so the hotel room is filled with mosquitoes. *sigh*

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