A Peek into Clark Kent’s Phonebooth

Hey Guys – here is a series of shots that show me going from Dave to Bottle Boy.  These were taken at the top of the Col de Madeline, which was a big climb on one of the Alpine stages.  Yes, as you can see, Bottle Boy puts his pants on one leg at a time 🙂 Thanks to Glen who sent these in.  The guy on the right is Hans.  I met him on the climb and he and his friend Glen were following the whole tour.  I ran into him a bunch more and he and Glen are awesome.  You can see Hans laughing at me but the joke is really on him because I am going to convince him to be the Bottle Boy at the Tour next year!

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One Response to “A Peek into Clark Kent’s Phonebooth”

  1. What is growing in your water bottle? Do you want to know? | Says:

    […] de France.  Every so often “Bottle Boy” would show up running next to the riders.  Bottle Boy is this guy in a costume dressed up like a cyclist water bottle.  Funny, but at the same […]

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