Alcatraz Triathlon

This past Sunday we packed up the truck and headed up to San Francisco for the Alcatraz Triathlon. Its an awesome race where the riders start on a boat just off Alcatraz, swim to shore and then bike and run around San Francisco. In my former life I was a triathlete and had done a few Ironmans, so it was cool to relive the experience of a triathlon.

I donned the costume and walked around a bit and then cheered on the riders as they left the swim and headed out to the bike. Here is a quick video clip of it.

The whole time I was cheering on the riders I was thinking “this is A LOT easier than getting up the mountains to the Tour!”

I walked around the transition zone a bit and ran across a lady who was cheering for her husband. She had purchased Clean Bottles a few weeks back and was sporting one at the race. Cool! Her son ran up to me and gave me a big hug. My wife got a clip of it, here it is. Very cute.

I then decided to bike a few miles out an cheer for the riders at mile 5 of the run. I packed up the costume, balanced it on the handlebars of my bike and made my way to the aide station. It was a lot harder than I first thought it was going to be, here is a clip of me trying to balance the costume.

As I was biking to the aide station I had a bunch of people actually cheer for me. One kind of gangster looking guy who was walking around the city turned to me and yelled “you got mad skills, dog!”.

I cheered for the runners for a few hours at the aide station, giving them hi-fives and handing out water. A bunch of them mentioned how they saw me at France, and one even stopped, in the middle of his race, and gave me a big hug. Why, I don’t know, but it was funny!

Here are a few other photos of the race. It was a blast and I hope the athletes appreciated Bottle Boy coming out to cheer them on. I know I had a lot of fun and I definitely want to keep doing it as much as possible. I need to keep up my image of of “The Hardest Working Bottle”. One thing I was thinking was that I could mail the costume to other parts of the US and people could wear it to their favorite race. I’d hook them up with some sweet Clean Bottle gear and bottles and donate money to their favorite charity. It would be a positive event for everyone. Anyone interested?

Bottle Boy fans.

I'm definitely not in the Alps any more, but definitely in a spot just as beautiful.


One Response to “Alcatraz Triathlon”

  1. Stan Says:

    Hey, I’m in Orlando, Florida and would love to be the bottle boy at one or more of the races around here! I first saw you while watching the Tour de France and my wife and I both think it’s great. We’re marathon runners, and there are plenty of marathons down here the next few months, and there are also several triathlons in our town (the National Training Center is here and Olympic athletes and hopefuls train here). Lemme know

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