Wanna be a Fairy?

I always told myself that if I ever made a a billion dollars I’d carry around a wad of $100 bills.  Everyone I interacted with – the barista, the bellman, the librarian (yes i would still check out books even if i was a billionaire) – I’d tip them a $100.  Kind of like that montage from Dumb and Dumber.

If I was a billionaire I'd also dress up like this every day. Why not?

We’ll I’m probably never going to have a billion dollars.  But I do have about a billion Clean Bottles in my garage (according to my wife’s count).  And there have been times when I’ve taken a few extra around town.  When someone has done something nice for me – whether it has been the fedex guy who took care of my packages or the guy at Staples who hooked me up with copies – I gave them a bottle.

The response has been totally amazing.  People’s eyes light up when they see that I am giving them a bottle.   And then their eyes pop out of their head when they see me unscrew the bottom.  Then I tell them the whole story about how I invented it and how I dressed up like an idiot and ran around France.  And usually by the end of the story they are hi-fiving me or something.

A lot of times I see these guys later on and they tell me how its their favorite bottle, or how their son or wife loves it.  It feels SO good to have surprised someone and totally made their day, especially when these people are probably not used to getting thanked at all.

I was thinking about this and how happy it makes me and I thought “what if I gave some other folks some Clean Bottles and had them randomly give out a few to people as a ‘thank you’ or an ‘atta boy’ or something like that?”  Thus, the idea for the Bottle Fairy was born.

Every month I’m going to send 8 bottles to a few loyal Facebook followers.  I’ll also hook them up with a Clean Bottle t-shirt and other schwag.  They can keep a few bottles for themselves but the other ones they need to give away to someone who deserves it.

Maybe its the guy who you passed on the bike ride and who was huffing and puffing but still hanging in there – hook him up!

Maybe it is the lady in line who let you cut in – hook her up!

Maybe its your co-worker who helped you out with a project – hook him up!

All I ask the Bottle Fairies to do is to snap a photo of the recipient with the Clean Bottle and share the story of why the person deserves it.  They’ll then send it to me or post it directly to my Facebook page and I’ll share the stories with all of you.

So even if I can’t tip people $100 bills at least I can put a smile on someone’s face.  And for me, way more than the money, that is what Clean Bottle is all about – making people smile.

I can’t wait to hear the stories!

A Bottle Fairy - like a Tooth Fairy except you don't have to deal with anyone's old teeth!


10 Responses to “Wanna be a Fairy?”

  1. kit Says:

    This reminded me of last night’s Boardwalk Empire episode. Nucky is attending the RNC, and is disappointed that he’s been put in the Ambassador suite to make room for General Leonard Wood. Nucky’s response gets him the Presidential Suite:

    “General Wood is a war hero, a former Army Chief of Staff, and practically a shoo-in for the Republican nomination. I, on the other hand, am a magnificent tipper.”

  2. DALE CARTER Says:

    This is a great bottle and even a better idea. I too feel the same way about 100 dollar bill’s, But I am short of that. I do a lot of riding and running. I see a lot of people who are deserving of these bottles and would love to give them a bottle to help their effort’s. Please consider me a Bottle Fairy even if you don’t send me bottles to give those who deserve them.

  3. Patti Jackson Says:

    I recently ordered some clean bottles for me and some to give away, I gave them all away. They are such a great idea and my fellow Team Z mates love em. I also want to give more away to my friends that work at Good Samaritan. It is an organization that help those in time of need. Clean Bottle is not just an excellent idea for those of us that ride and run but a great tool to get others into the sport and to hydrate.

  4. Dani Jimenez Says:

    I’d love to be a Clean Bottle Fairy. I’m an aspiring writer, so I love to people watch, and it’d be cool to thank someone with a Clean Bottle for unknowingly giving me a snippet of dialogue to use in a story or just bringing me out of writer’s block. 😉

  5. Matt Says:

    I’d love to be a bottle fairy sometime!

  6. friedbean Says:

    in a world in which people have lost touch with random giving without return and adamant that things for free don’t exist, i am jumping at the opportunity to alter this around the little world i live

    residing in the canadian rockies of a small town of 5000 that boasts world class mountain bike trails and matching cycling community, i see countless local folk, tourists from a far on trails riding, running, maintaining / building trails, some have bottles, some dont have anything

    if i was a cleanbottle fairy i would want to give some bottles to trail builders that keep us rolling and to people i see exercising that aren’t hydrating, i.e not carrying a bottle

  7. Stacy Anderson Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a CLEAN BOTTLE Fairy!!

  8. Mary Wienholts Says:

    Mary Mary Bottle Fairy….Yes, it has a nice ring!

    Please hook me up with some of these brilliant bottles? I’ve been plagued by horrifying thoughts of what grows at the bottom of my waterbottles. I lose sleep, hair, wattage…. over this. really. ask anyone!

    Yours truly,

    Mary Wienholts

  9. Tim Privette Says:

    Would love to be a cleanbottle fairy. Enjoyed distributing them with my last company. Great product and good example of old fashioned hard work!

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