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Clean Bottle Delivers!

November 11, 2010

Guy Kawasaki, the famous author and blogger, recently wrote about Clean Bottle.  He mentioned that it was a great idea and that we cleverly marketed the product.  He also mentioned that he was going to buy a few.  Sure enough, that day I received an order from him.  It turns out that Guy lives a few miles away from me.  So, I figured I’d hand deliver them.  Then I thought, well maybe Bottle Boy should hand deliver them.

So I packed up Bottle Boy and convinced my wife to make a detour from her afternoon errands to video tape the adventure.  We parked near Guy’s house and I started getting ready.  A neighbor of his saw the commotion of me taking out a large black back and asked me what I was up to.  So, I fessed up and even gave her a few Clean Bottles to ‘look the other way’.  She loved the idea and actually got out her video camera to tape the event as well.

So, I suited up and walked down Guy’s looooong driveway, hoping that he would be home.  And my wife was taping the whole thing, while simutaneously pushing our one month old baby in his stroller.

Here is how it turned out