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Clean Bottle Runs Around the World!

December 27, 2010

I am in Winterport, Maine celebrating the holidays with my in-laws.  A few days ago I read in the local paper that an Irish ultra runner, Tony Mangan, would be coming through town.  Tony is on a quest to run around the world.  He’ll be running over 40,000 kilometers, across 5 continents.  It is going to take him 3 years.  He’ll be averaging over 26 miles per day.  Pretty incredible.  You can find out more about the run at

So I figured I’d try to meet up with Tony and get him a few Clean Bottles for the trip.  After all, he can’t be taking risks with bacteria filled water bottles when he’s trying to circumnavigate the globe!

So I had my father in-law drive me to the outskirts of town looking for Tony.  I saw him and recorded him as he ran toward me.  I started to talk with him but Tony, understandably not wanting to stand around in the 17 degree weather, asked me to run with him.  Then he asked me if I wanted to push his stroller that carries all his stuff with him.  Next thing I know I’m running in my jeans with Tony.  We ended up running for about half an hour together until he reached the end of town, where a kind local guy had read his story and offered him a place to stay.

I did a quick interview with Tony when we got to the edge of town.  Here it is.  Enjoy!